Swirls and Spirals


A former yoga teacher of mine used to say, “Everything’s connected to everything…” and she meant it in a physical sense, from the teachings of Joseph Pilates whose techniques based round the core muscles are familiar to anyone who has done yoga or Pilates classes. Pilates’ system combines deep breathing with the engagement of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles which in turn is coordinated with movement and, once mastered, is great for building core strength.

But these days, I find that many things show themselves to be connected, in a more holistic, spiritual sense. I have written before of synchronicity, and today I am thinking less of that, than the circular, spiralling nature of the grieving process and how its connections weave one onto another, particularly via the internet.

 Recently, I was copied into some kind comments posted about ‘Into the Mourning Light’ by Californian Nancy Rigg, who runs the excellent US based support resource, the Drowning Support Network. Jackie is a bereaved mum living in Scotland who lost her son Owen in very similar circumstances to mine, just two years ago in June. He was also 19. Jackie was given the book by her husband, who thought it might help her.   She was very complimentary about the book and expressed her thanks that it led her to both Drowning Support Network and the Compassionate Friends. (For those who don’t know, the Compassionate Friends organisation (TCF) is a charity run by bereaved parents for bereaved parents and has branches worldwide).

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I have been immensely helped by both organisations and continue to have links with them.

I met my dear friend Linda Sewell via TCF and we ran our first  workshop for bereaved parents in April 2014 in the wonderfully healing surroundings of Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. We are planning to run another workshop next April. It is likely that my new friend Jackie from Scotland will attend … she tells me she can stay the weekend with a relative who lives in …Brighton….. where James went to University.

See what I mean?! Everything is connected to everything!








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