A few FAQs


Thanks to my grief article in the Daily Mail yesterday, I now have many new followers of this blog…. thank you and welcome!

Before I started my blog, I didn’t know anything much at all about this new online journalling lark. And I think it might be useful for my followers to have a few FAQs to refer to in relation to this blog.

I asked a friend what she thought would be good questions and she came up with the following:

Why did you start writing your blog, and call it ‘Multilayered Musings from New Normality’?         I started the blog in the summer, because as a grief writer, I often feel moved to write about a particular aspect of the subject. Blogging allows the freedom to write about anything I please in this respect, and it is cathartic for me as well as, hopefully, useful to the reader. I named the blog because it reflects how I view my life nine and a half years following the loss of James. New normality is my life now; I am not consumed by grief, it is a segment in the mosaic that is my life. I celebrate a return to normality, albeit in a new form.

Who is your blog for?        Primarily I guess the blog started out for bereaved parents and was a showcase for my emotions regarding my own pathway through loss, but as time has gone on I feel that my writing is more generalised and certainly many of the readers are not bereaved parents, but have expressed that the blog gives them a better understanding of grief and loss. I am no expert, believe me; but I have become a reluctant expert in living life after the loss of a nineteen year old, and this is my main focus in writing. It is true to say that we write best about what we know, and I couldn’t write about, say, the loss of a young child, because this is outside my experience. I have however lost my parents and ex husband and thus have experienced a variety of bereavements, all of which carry their own grief, and shape my writing.

What is the purpose of the blog?      I hope that the blog helps to offer a different perspective on grief and loss and take out the taboo of mentioning those who have died. I hope that its positive nature is uplifting to those in despair.  It is a natural response to be wary of upsetting people by mentioning their lost loved ones, but my experience is that the more we speak about death, loss and grief the more we can learn about how to deal with it.

How can your blog help others?        Readers have told me that my words help them in their own situations and that is very gratifying and encourages me to continue.

Do you welcome feedback?           Yes, I do. It is always good to know what one is doing right – or wrong – and feedback is important to me so that I can assess the usefulness of what I am doing. Followers of the blog, please be aware that your comments appear automatically. If you wish to share something privately, then please indicate in a comment and I will email you.

Do you welcome suggested topics?        Yes, absolutely! – although as I said above, I am only qualified to write from my own experience, so there may be some subjects that I would not be able to tackle.

I hope the above is helpful. I plan to continue updating the blog every week or so as we go into the new year.



2 thoughts on “A few FAQs

  1. Angela O'Leary

    Thank you so much Andrea for your article in The Mail. I have
    only recently started going back out socially and I dread people asking me about my family, but have used the same rule. I feel better knowing that I think the same way as another parent in the same circumstances. Thinking of you Angela

    1. Andrea Corrie Post author

      Thank you very much for your comments Angela. It does help to know that others are in similar situation, it is only those who go through it who can really understand. A


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