Au Revoir


The calendar tells me that I have been writing my blog for a year, posting almost every week.            I have decided to rest the blog for a little while, and think about what I will do next (writing wise). Over the course of the year I have really appreciated the feedback, comments and followers to the blog; thank you all very much.

So I am signing off for now with a poem, about love and loss and what comes to mind when I think of James.

Listen for him

In the ripple of the breeze

Among the rustling of the trees

Listen – and you will surely hear

An echo of his voice, so dear

Pick him out

In the swirling crowd

His set of shoulders, standing proud

See a turn of head, a glimpse of hair

Those bright blue eyes and smile so fair

Listen to his music

Though it may not be your taste

The beat is fast, just like a life in haste

The lyrics repeat a story well told

But he will not know of growing old

Talk to him

Reminisce his childish ways

Tell him how you fill your days

Now he is no longer present

Your time not wasted but well spent

Eat his favourite meal

A homage to his days

The table has an empty place

But you must eat and nourish

So in his absence, you thrive and flourish

Tread his path

Do not be afraid to walk

Where he walked; talk

Of him and share his track

Now understanding there’s no turning back

Remember him

Hold close each of those precious years

Feel the cleansing of your tears

Smile and move forward, tread with intent

To honour his memory, to live and be content.


8 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. Linda O'Leary

    Dear Andrea, such a beautiful poem, it says so much about how a bereaved parent feels which is so hard to explain. Your words and thoughts have brought me and many others much comfort, your gift of being able to reach out to others in a similar situation is a blessing from God I am sure. I will say a prayer and light a candle for you and James on the 28 July, my eldest granddaughter’s birthday and the day after our Daniel’s birthday on 27 July. I wish you love and happiness for the future.

    Kind regards, Linda O’Leary

  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you for your lovely words that have helped me so much.Good to hear there is some light at the end of a very long tunnel


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