All about Resilience


The theme of resilience is one which I often explore in my writing. It is an indefinable attribute, but I believe we all possess it and it is fed by our own efforts to overcome personal grief, sorrow, trauma and hardship along the rocky road of life.

During the time I was writing this poem, I read about the upcoming publication of ‘Resilient’ by Sheridan Voysey. Sheridan describes himself as a writer, speaker and broadcaster on faith and spirituality and I greatly enjoy his work.

He is, too, a good example of how to live with resilience in the face of adversity.



Do not speak to me of bravery

For I am not a person brave

Instead, I have been gifted resilience

Against the shocks of life experience …

I am blessed with the tenacity

And forte to speak out with veracity

I tell it from the heart, lay it straight

All to the point, with considered debate …

If, in grief and sorrow, one gets mired

Provocative thought is the outcome desired

Because thought uplifts and gives one reasons

To live with joy through time and seasons …

It’s not for me to weep and wail

No wasting energy; nor at the Fates to rail

I turn those tears to a healing aid

Resilience means I’m no longer afraid …

Ask me not if I am better

There is no simple cure in word and letter

But years dilute the crying inside

And resilience is the salve applied …

I call upon those unseen for support

From God to angels to power of thought

Reaching out to the realms, earthly and divine

For the strength that heals the losses of mine …

The learning curve is steep, but free

It is there for all, not just for me

Query not how it arrives …

Resilience supports, with work it thrives

And should I waver in my fortitude

Resilience is the rock to give me attitude

Grief is a lifestyle, not a choice

Hope and resilience give it strong voice …

The teachings of faith are indirect and subtle

I question them without fear of rebuttal

But trusting the guidance that comes from above

My knowledge is fed by honesty and love …

Resilience is that immeasurable bounce

that brings me back to upright stance

With prayer and hope I accept my gifts

And in doing so, my spirit lifts …

Does resilience bring acceptance?

If that happens, it’s not by chance

It seems to me that resilience is Life

Lessons, learned through knocks and strife …

Speak to me then of hope; I will respond

Seeking positivity on earth and beyond

Exploring new ways to weather the storm

Resilience… now that is my life’s norm.


More info about Sheridan at #ResilientBook


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