Just One More Conversation

I started off this blog post the other day as a follow up to one I wrote in January, which outlined my resolve to get on with writing my second book, Living in the Mourning Light.  But before I completed the post, the following conversation came to me in the early hours, when I was half-dreaming.  There is always this longing, this yearning desire, to be able to talk to James. 

I find that these ?imagined conversations with him are a good vehicle for processing my emotions.  They feel real at the time.  I get a sense of him being present in the room with me, just separated by the thinnest of veils.  It may seem weird, but in fact it is quite comforting!

“Hey, mum, how are you doing?”

“Oh, Hi James, what a nice surprise.  I wasn’t expecting to hear from you today.”

“Well I thought it was about time we touched base.  There’s lots going on, isn’t there?”

“Yes, indeed there is, son.  I wish you were here to share in it all with us properly.”

“I know you do, but don’t worry, I am keeping an eye out for what you are up to.  Now how are you getting on with this book?”

“Living in the Mourning Light, you mean?  I am approaching the exciting stages of the book’s creation.  The manuscript is finished in final draft stage, that is to say I have to sit on my hands to prevent myself from making ‘just one more’ tweak or alteration. A final proof read is in the offing and I have set a deadline for the foreword.”

“Wow! I am impressed at how you are cracking on with it, mum.  And what about the other book, Into the Mourning Light?”

“Yes, that is still available.  In fact, it is heavily discounted on a major selling site at the moment.  It’s a great time for anyone to buy it if they haven’t already read it!                    Living in the Mourning Light isn’t exactly a sequel, but it follows on in timeline from the first one.”

“Sounds fab.  I hope you have been seeing plenty of butterflies lately?”

“Ah yes, I thought you might have had a hand in that.  I shall definitely feature one on the new book cover.  In fact, when our friends Wendy and Steve were down the other week, Steve took a fantastic photo and I shall make sure it is incorporated into the cover image, perhaps along with some shots of Exmoor.”

“And what about all the people who have contributed their kind words and endorsements to the book, mum?”

“Yes, I am very grateful to them James. They all have very nice things to say about you, too.” 

“It’s funny isn’t it, mum?  All these people who know all about me but some of them never even met me. Strange old world.”

“It certainly is, son, it certainly is.  The new book has a different flavour to it, I think, because it focuses on the simple things that can have the greatest effect on enhancing life.”

“What do you mean, mum?  Give me an example.”

“Well I don’t want to be giving out spoiler alerts now, do I? But I will say that aspects of hope, love, light, faith, resilience and joy, are all explored.  And of course, there are vital messages around water safety and drowning prevention which reflect my association with the RNLI and Fire and Rescue Services.”

“Gosh, it sounds pretty broad, mum.”

“I guess it is, James.  But then you know me, always plenty to say, hey?”

“Ha ha mum, you do make me laugh.  Time I went now I’m afraid, I have loads to do. But never fear, I am always around, keeping tabs on you all.”

“I know that James.  Keep sending those little messages, ok?”

“Yes, ok mum. Love you!”

“Love you back, James. Bye for now.”

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