Living in the Mourning Light is Published!

Book News!  Here is a sneak preview of the cover of my new book.  After the writing, editing, precis and proofing, all of which has been a somewhat lengthy process, Living in the Mourning Light has gone live and is available to purchase on Amazon!  

I have to admit to a curious mix of emotions at this stage of the proceedings.  On the one hand, I am excited to share the book, which is best described as a blend of memoir and bereavement support.

I hope and pray that readers will find it useful, interesting and supportive. On the other hand, there is a poignancy to the fact that my writing the book would never have come about, were it not for the dreadful experience of losing James.

Releasing a book is a very special process and given that my writing is borne out of personal circumstances, it feels as though I am going public once again – coming out, if you like, not just as an author but as a very human being with very human emotions.

This book is not designed to be a sequel to Into the Mourning Light, rather it relates my progression in living in this new, different kind of light. 

I have given the book its own personality and characters; hence there are chapters on the attributes of hope, light, love, faith, resilience and ultimately Joy, with a capital J!

I also focus on the vital messages around water safety and drowning: obviously because they are so personal to our family, but also because these issues must be constantly raised and reinforced in everyone’s mind.

It is not just my voice telling the story of how it is to live in the mourning light, but other people’s views and opinions broaden out the appeal of the book.

Contributors range from family members and friends, to representatives of the RNLI, Fire and Rescue service and the Compassionate Friends.  I am honoured and touched by the endorsements and pre-release reviews that have come my way to further support my heartfelt desire to produce a resource that honours James’s memory in a tangible way.

I am planning to promote the book locally during the first months of 2020 and I already have some dates in mind. I know from the experience of publishing Into the Mourning Light, that the book will find its way to those who need it most. 

In 2020, incredibly, it will be fifteen years since James died.  I have learned so much about grief, loss, sadness and indeed, happiness, in that time.  I hope that Living in the Mourning Light will give that most important of attributes, Hope, to anyone who has lost anyone! – not just those unfortunate enough to have lost a child. 

I hope too that my voice and that of others in the book will speak to those who need to hear the words of light and faith that will help to populate their days and nights, like beacons in the darkness.

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