Writing, Authoring, Signing …

When you’re a writer, what is it that makes you feel like a writer?  Being a writer is committing your thoughts and ideas to paper and sharing them, or not, as you choose.

But when you’re an author, what makes you feel like an author?  There’s a subtle difference and I feel better placed to answer the second question because of the way the past few days have gone. 

It started on Sunday when I signed Living in the Mourning Light for my friend Alison, who was visiting from Sussex.  We have known each other eleven years and it was a pleasure to personalise her copy of the book. 

Yesterday, I had a message from a friend who lives near Bampton.

’Hi Andrea, I wondered if I could pop round and have you sign two copies of your book for me?  They arrived today and I am giving them to friends.’

Wow, what a compliment!  I love that my readers want to pass on the book to others, that is a real recommendation.  J duly popped round, and she told me a little about each of the women to whom she was giving the books.  I like to write a special dedication in books. 

This is one of the great joys of being an author:  signing and individualising your work when you are sharing it with others. 

Also today, I signed a copy of the book for Stella.  No, not my daughter Stella … but the Stella who is our house guest at the moment. She and her husband John are staying with us this week while they house-hunt.  They have sold their home in the USA and plan to relocate somewhere local to here, which is very exciting for us but somewhat stressful for them!  I have known Stella since school days and she remembers James throughout his formative years.  It has been lovely reminiscing about the children when they were growing up.

Today was also special for another reason, as I was visited by a presenter from BBC Radio Devon who spent an incredibly long time chatting with me before recording an interview for her programme.  It was a direct contrast to the off the cuff interview I did a few weeks ago in Surrey.  I will of course share the link when the programme is aired.

I have been pondering why Living in the Mourning Light is reaching a wider audience more easily than was my experience with Into the Mourning Light.  Is it because the book is written with a broader remit or that I am more confident in my abilities as a writer and author?  Probably a combination of both.

I love that people are reading the book.  I would however be even more elated and delighted to see further reviews of the book on Amazon which will help to raise its profile and therefore reach even more readers.  If you have read the book, please could you kindly review it too?  Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Writing, Authoring, Signing …

  1. Elizabeth McCall

    Hello Andrea I really need your book, say I with a massive intake of breath, and another. I’ve always been in Awh of first you’re sparkl when I first meet you, though you hid it under a bushel.
    So many happy times all tangled in sad times too. Memories spinning like a roulette table, never knowing where it will stop, loving it and dreading it but still yurning 🦋🕉


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