A Talk about Finding the Mourning Light after Loss

I recently wrote about the Zoom-based talk that I am giving for the Compassionate Friends this month, and this blog post is by way of a reminder if you wish to put the event into your diary:  Wednesday 11 November at 7.00pm 

The talk is primarily aimed at TCF members, who are bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings, but the event is open to all. 

It is free to register, but like all charities, TCF are having a really tough time in this Covid-19 period, and donations are welcome.

I have been shaping the talk over recent weeks and although as always, I will admit to a degree of pre-show nerves prior to the event, over the years that I have been giving talks and presentations about grief, loss and water safety advocacy, I have really learned the value of sharing James’s story.  It is a privilege to have a variety of ways in which to share the massive amount I have learned about forging a positive pathway through the grieving process. 

 I look forward to sharing my insights on how you can begin emerging from the darkness to start living in the mourning light after loss. Please join me if you wish!


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