Listen up …It’s Getting Closer!

Listen up! It’s Getting Closer …

I am pleased to share brilliant progress with preparation of the audio version of Living in the Mourning Light.  Now it’s time for me to introduce the lovely narrator who is doing such an excellent, professional job.  Caroline Cook is a freelance radio presenter and voice over artist.  Our meeting last year was facilitated by local friend Becky Haxell, who kindly introduced Caroline to the idea of interviewing me about the book’s publication, which we managed to do for BBC Radio Devon, fortuitously just before the first lockdown. 

Caroline and I kept in touch and I often hear her dulcet tones on the radio.  I am so glad she was keen on the idea of recording the book for me, I honestly couldn’t think of anyone better to take on the project with the sensitivity and empathy required by a book about grief and loss.

None of these processes happen on their own! I am grateful too to Elizabeth Bond for lending her ears to road test a couple of draft chapters for me. 

Today, Caroline has sent me what the Audio company refers to as a ‘retail clip’; a taster, if you like, for the book’s contents.  We think this section, which comes at the start of Chapter 8, stands as a good introduction to the general tone of the book and what it is about.  Do have a listen!

So, you may well wonder, when will the audible book be available?  Final tweaks and minor edits remain to be made to each chapter, but all eleven have now been recorded, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.  The whole recording will then have to be uploaded and approved before it goes public. Look out for the next update soon!

Caroline Cook, Presenter, Voiceover Artist, Narrator

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