Living in the Mourning Light Review Request

Launching a new book just as we went into lockdown last year had a somewhat detrimental effect on my marketing plans.  It is not especially easy to promote a grief book; obviously the readership is limited to those with an interest in the process of loss and grieving, but the aim of my writing is always to put the most positive spin possible on the more negative aspects of life experience. 

I must confess to feeling disappointed at the lack of reviews of my new book, whether in paperback, Kindle, or the most recent audio version.  The main way I can know if I created a successful read is to have some feedback; this in turn helps others to decide whether the book appeals to them, or not.

I have added the text below into the e-book version and would truly appreciate it if you could consider writing a review for me.

If you don’t want to post a review on Amazon, or if you do not have an account, but are happy to share your views, please contact me directly via email at

Thank you very much in advance!

“The best way to thank an author for writing a book that you have found helpful and informative, is to write an honest review. Such requests can feel like a big ask, but I would be really grateful if you could find your way towards the Amazon review page and pen a few lines about Living in the Mourning Light, for other potential readers to consider.

I have replicated the step-by-step instructions for anyone who is not familiar with the process.  You will need an active Amazon account to post a review.

1. Log in to your Amazon account.

2. Go to the specific product page for the book you want to review and then select the book format you used. Click here to access the review page.

3. Scroll down to the Customer Reviews section and then click on the “Write a customer review” button.

4. On the next screen you will see the title of the book you want to review and next to it, a row of five stars to choose your overall rating. Your selection will turn the stars gold.

5. An Add Headline option and a text box Add Written Review will appear below the stars. Please write or paste in the text of your review.  A couple of sentences is absolutely fine.

6. You will see a message from Amazon confirming successful submission of your review and you will then receive a follow up email when it is approved/shared.

7.  Congratulations! You have posted your first book review on Amazon; that was easy!”

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